About the Project

The REFS Project is a  project to use mathematics to investigate the Resilience and Effectiveness of Financial Systems based on different commercial cultures.  The idea is to address a philosophical question: what is the relationship between ethics and the structure of the polis using the emerging tools and techniques of complex and adaptive networks.  The idea goes back to Poincare’s thought that mathematics is useful when experimentation is not possible.

Essentially this blog can be seen as a lab book where I can record (and disseminate) progress of the project.  Progress is not expected to be rapid as I have limited experience of the mathematics of complex and adaptive networks and I will be using the python language to develop simulation to provide some initial intuitions, a language I have virtually no experience of using.  The hope is that people, whatever their background, will be interested in contributing to the project.

The project is linked to my blog, Magic, Maths and Money.


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